presented by Second Life's HP Lovecraft Roleplay Group (HPL-RPG)


The HP Lovecraft Roleplay (and more) Group was founded in May, 2012, by Arik Metzger (arikthered) to be a network for “all things Lovecraft” in SecondLife. Whether involved with roleplay, theme sims, other Lovecraft-oriented groups, Lovecraft-themed products in the SL Marketplace, or any other Lovecraft subject matter, HPL-RPG encourages members to make full use of this group for promoting their Lovecraft interests.

HPL-RPG hosted its first Lovecraft Festival in September, 2012. This event was an unexpectedly big success, with a central circus/carnival area with activities, rides and vendor booths as well as 12 sims and groups organizing events and activities across the SL grid, including an “artifact hunt” that sent participants to each hosting sim to find hidden items and bring back in the hopes of various hunt prizes. An estimated 2,000 people visited the 2012 Festival, far exceeding the expectations of this event.