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Story Quest – Chapter Site Hosts

Story Quest – Chapter Site Hosts

The Story Quest invites sims and sim parcels to be involved as a part of this year’s “main event.”  As a Chapter Site Host, your sim or sim parcel will be prepared to serve as a chapter, or possibly multiple chapters, in this exciting, dynamic adventure!

The story’s beginning is set… and bound to one or more preset endings… leaving the whole tale in between open so that your site can be written into the tale!

Each Chapter is written and modified to suit your sim site’s contributions of location, allotted prim space, and other details.  We work with you to create the chapter to suit your sim’s arrangements and the story’s needs. Items, furnishings, clues and other material will be set up to establish your part in the story.

This event provides several key purposes:

1)  To create a fun, challenging and imaginative “story quest” for people to involve in;

2) To generate traffic for chapter sims, informing people of and drawing attention to your sim site as they seek to pursue the story quest;

3) Give sim sites opportunity to arrange events and activities around the Lovecraft Festival and “Heart of Llhao” story quest.

Chapter Sim Host’s are asked to provide a 1,000L reservation fee upon agreement to host a story quest chapter.  These funds are designated for two purposes:  1) to contribute to LoveFest’s charity focus of Autism Awareness through AutCom (the National Autism Commitee); 2) provide funds for the necessary expenses incurred by LoveFest.

NOTE:  Since Lovecraft Festival became “charity focused” in 2013, we have been fortunate and able to give all reservation fees from vendors and other support directly to AutCom. Our big expense – sim rental, as well as other investments – have been paid for by generous private donors in order to better ensure that our vendors and related staff contributions do go directly to AutCom.  However, we reserve the option of using part of our vendor and chapter site fees towards event expenses if necessary. No more than 50% of said funds will be set to these uses.  Again, our goal is to see most, if not all, vendor and chapter host fees go to our charity cause, and this clause is simply for worst case budget scenarios, which have as yet never been required.

CHAPTER SITE HOST RESERVATION FEE: 1,000L, to be paid at time of agreement. Agreement forms will be provided to Chapter Site Owners/Management at time of presentation and negotiation of details.