presented by Second Life's HP Lovecraft Roleplay Group (HPL-RPG)

The Heart of Llhao Story Quest

The Heart of Llhao Story Quest

This year’s Lovecraft Festival is thrilled to present our multi-sim Lovecraftian Story Quest adventure ‘The Heart of Llhao”

You find yourself at the renowned Miskatonic University of Arkham, Massachusetts, where a recently discovered American Indian artifact, “The Heart of Llhao,” was scheduled to be unveiled to the public. Tragically, the item has been stolen, and the university has become a crime scene investigation.

Inspect the area, gather clues and items of interest, and follow the trail to find and recover this mysterious relic of tribal legend!

This event is designed as an interactive “who-dun-it” with a decidedly Lovecraft-inspired edge.

In addition to the story and journey, there will be freebee items to collect along the way, and prizes to be awarded…

…and, of course, a guaranteed finale to truly honor the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft’s eerie, often horrific, endings!