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There simply are not adequate words in the human language to fully express gratitude.  There are so many people to thank for making this event possible–from the vision of Arik Metzger (arikthered) to the primary builders, motley (delwyn.druth) and Beatrix (mbeatrix), to the organizer of fantastic entertainment, Fitch Lekvoda, the Story-Quest group and Jimmy Branagh (who also created that amazing centerpiece statue of HP).  Most of our vendors returned, along with new, who provided spectacular products, along with their fees going to the bottom line.  We added a unique component to the event this year, where a vendor, Eleanor8, also ran a day-long auction of KittyCatS.  The names of those who helped are countless, the people who assisted more valuable than diamonds.  Each member of the organizing committee AND those who worked on the Storyquest, each equally important and essential.  I think even H.P. Lovecraft would be in awe of all those who worked so hard to celebrate his special birthday this year.